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PLASITE® 3073 is replaing the established tank container coating PLASITE® 3070. It is a high solid, baked phenolic coating with a proven record of long-term experience. It convinces by superior resistance to acids and solvents and it conforms to many of the current VOC regulations as well as to FDA regulations.

Typical features

of PLASITE® 3073

high resistance to chemicals
meets FDA Requirements


of PLASITE® 3073

Characteristic:phenolic resin
Colour:ivory (medium)
Gloss:27 @ 60°
Thickness:app. 190 – 350 μm
Surface hardness:Konig Pendulum Hardness of 173 seconds
(Glass Standard = 250 seconds)
ASTM Method D4366-84.
Abrasion resistance:47.76 milligrams average loss per 1000 cycles,
Taber CS-17 Wheel, 1000 gram weight.
Thermal shock:Unaffected 5 cycles, minus 70°F/-56°C to plus 200°F/93°C
Certifications:PLASITE® 3073 meets the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration,
21 CFR 175.300; and 3070 has been accepted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture
for use in direct food contact areas.
Baking temperature:204°C
Pore analysis:90 V (wet sponge)
Pre-treatment:anti-corrosive sandblasting
(DIN EN ISO 12944-4)

For planing and producing of constructions to be coated, the guidelines of DIN EN 14879-1:2005 must
be noticed strictly.

Areas of application

of PLASITE® 3073

Tank lining for solvents, acids, hot water, food products
As a protective coating for machinery parts, filterpress plates, fans, etc.