This ISO tank container is internally equipped with a high-performance coating: Proco-EMAIL, black®. In order to protect the coating from any damages, we strongly recommend following these handling and cleaning precautions.

  • Avoid any impact on the inside and outside wall of the tank container.
  • During cleaning work, refrain from impact and from the use of hard tools. Avoid any damage such as scratches and scores.
  • Persons stepping on the tank container must wear slip-proof rubber shoes (smooth sole, without inclusions).
  • Access ladders or any other equipment entering the tank container must be padded in order to protect the coating from mechanical damages.
  • Porosity tests may only be performed with 90V, wet sponge method (e.g. Elcometer 270).
  • The tank container must always be kept under a protective gas atmosphere as far as possible. Preferably clean and dry it after every use.
  • As many chemical products decompose under the influence of moisture, they must be transported under a protective gas atmosphere.
  • The coating absorbs the filling material to a small extent. Therefore, a reaction which may result in damage to the coating is possible during washing or in case of lengthy dwell times.
  • Make sure to lift and transport the tank container with appropriate equipment.
  • Completely empty the tank container (residual amount max. 10 litres).
  • Completely fill up the tank container with cold water (100%).
  • Completely empty the tank container again.
  • Clean inside walls and fittings with clear water or soaps or detergent additives, or alkaline carbonate additives (sodium bicarbonate, max. 5%).
  • Never use any alkali hydroxides such as sodium, potassium hydroxides or ammonia (NH4)!
  • Do not use any detergent additives capable of mechanically damaging the coating surface.
  • Rinse with warm water under pressure at < 50 bar and < 50°C.
  • Post-wash the tank container with cold water.
  • Empty the tank container again and dry it properly.
  • Store the tank container under dry protective gas atmosphere.

Owners should contact the chemical manufacturer to see what their recommendation is for cleaning out a tank container that has carried or stored their product. Please contact HÜNI + CO (www.hueni.de / info@hueni.de) if you observe any damage to the Proco – EMAIL, black® coating. We will advise you on the necessary next steps.