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Our second home.

We work closely with customers in almost all technical and industrial fields. We apply our expertise and experience across industries to advise you and help you find your optimal surface solution.

We see ourselves as consultants and optimisers who support you in your industrial value-creation process.
The fields of application and potentials of our Proco® coatings are as varied and wide-ranging as the industries we serve.

For example, with our Proco non-stick and sliding coatings we achieve significant improvements in your production process:

Easier cleaning, reduction of machine down times, easier mould removal, less separating agent, lower wear.

Our Proco corrosion protection coatings provide the ideal solutions wherever you want to prevent chemical damage to the substrate.

For example, in the transportation of Class-8 hazardous cargoes and substances. Furthermore, our Proco corrosion protection coatings also provide functions such as anti-adhesion, food safety, temperature resistance, wear resistance and electrical conductivity.

Industries we serve

Apparatus and tank construction

Plastics-processing industry

Ventilation technology

Transport and logistics

Chemical and pharmaceuticals industry

Laboratory equipment

Machine and plant construction

Packaging and foil industry

Semiconductor industry

Foodstuffs industry

Textile industry

and many more