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Interline 9001

Interline 9001 from AkzoNobel’s global chemical linings range is a new internal coating for ISO tank containers that offers an outstanding resistance to a wide of aggressive chemical cargoes.

Interline 9001 is a highly chemically resistant internal tank lining designed for the transportation of chemicals market. Launched in 2011 – first for the marine sector – and following ten years of development, Interline 9001 is based on patented bimodal technology which uses a carefully engineered blend of low molecular weight and high molecular weight polymers to create a highly cross linked but flexible network, delivering maximum chemical resistance.

Typical features

of Interline 9001

Interline 9001 is highly chemically resistant against a wide range of acids and caustics. It comes with an ultra-low cargo absorption for sequencing and provides a smooth glossy surface for ease of cleaning.


of Interline 9001

system:Bimodal Polymer Lining
colour:grey and buff
pH-value1 to 14
thickness:240µm to 450µm
temperature resistance:– 50° C to + 200° C
(dependent upon product)
curing temperature:60° C to 150° C
(dependent upon product)
holiday detection:3000 volts DC
pre-treatment:anti-corrosive sandblasting
(DIN EN ISO 12944-4)

Areas of application

of Interline 9001

Chemical Transports: ISO Tank Containers, IBC‘s, Bulk Chemical Storage Tanks, Process Reactors, Scrubber Columns, etc.