HÜNI+CO in the media: Hazardous Cargo Bulletin reports on our network of depot partners



Since 2015, HÜNI+CO has built up a network of depot partners and qualified and certified them for minor repairs to interior coatings. In this feature entitled ‘Partners in Quality’, the journal Hazardous Cargo Bulletin explains what exactly is behind this. And why it is not only our customers who benefit.

In the article, our Managing Director Alexa Hüni and Kai Leibold, our Operations Manager, tell how and according to which criteria HÜNI+CO set up the network and why, from their point of view, this is a real win-win model. And they explain how they want to further develop the network with a focus on Europe, and how it will continue after the cooperation agreement with the Antwerp logistics giant Van Moer Logistics.

We publish the complete article with the kind permission of Hazardous Cargo Bulletin (by enhesa). Thank you very much!