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PROCO–EMAIL, black® is a special corrosion protection coating that is mainly used in ISO tank containers.
It is a phenolic-based thermoset coating with a high chemical resistance against acidic chlorinated and solvent products.

HÜNI + CO is the only coating company for PROCO–EMAIL, black® worldwide.

The coating meets all requirements of the technical instructions for tanks in Germany (Technische Richtlinien Tanks TRT 010).

Typical features

of PROCO–EMAIL, black®

PROCO-EMAIL, black® provides a high chemical resistance against acids, chlorinated products, solvents.
It provides the glossiest and smoothest surface of all our special coatings for tank containers.

Please contact us for precise information on chemical resistance.


of PROCO–EMAIL, black®

system:thermoset plastic, phenolic-based
colour:black, super glossy
pH range:pH 2 - 9, depending on the medium
thickness:250 to app. 450 μm
maximum temperature; dry:– 40 to +150° C permanently
– 40 to + 200° C briefly
curing:200° C
porous inspection:first check with 1200 V,
second inspection with 800 V,
90 V wet sponge
preliminary treatment:sandblasting (DIN EN ISO 12944-4): Sa 3

Please contact us for precise information on chemical resistance.
The coating is heatable only with hot water; maximum 80° C.

The planning and manufacturing of components to be coated are subject to the DIN EN 14879-1 norm.

Proco-EMAIL, black® is a registered trademark of Hüni GmbH + Co. KG

Areas of application


ISO-Tank Containers, IBCs, general chemical engineering technique,
centrifuges, etc.