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PROCO-L (F14E) is a hydrophobic heat cured duroplast coating on a phenolic basis with very good chemical resistance to organic and inorganic acids.

Typical features

of PROCO–L (F14E)

Phenolic resin combination
High surface smoothness
Resistant against organic and anorganic acids,
acidically hydrolising salts in aqueous solution up to 20%, in pH range < 6


of PROCO–L (F14E)

Colour:dark green gloss
pH range:1 – 8
Layer thickness:190 – 250 μm
Shore hardness:D 75
Maximum thermals load, dry:+180°C
Maximum cold load:- 70°C
Pore analysis:acc. to DIN 55670 A: 1200/800 V
Pre-treatment:anti-corrosive sandblasting (DIN EN ISO 12944-4)
Brittle temperature:-76°C

The planning and manufacture of coatings are subject to the general instructions of DIN EN

Areas of application

of PROCO–L (F14E)

storage and transport tanks, tank containers, general chemical
engineering technology