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Molybdenum disulfide – with its chemical formula MoS2 – designates the sulfide of the chemical element molybdenum.

Molybdenum along with sulfur forms a very smooth and gliding-eager surface. Very often it is used to achieve a permanent sliding improvement or to optimize running properties.

Within the coating technology molybdenum disulfide is being used for a variety of different sliding coatings.

Typical features


Good permanent lubrication
High antifriction properties
Lifetime lubrication effect
High temperature resistance
High break-in properties
Reduces wear



Coating thickness:10 – 20 μm
Temperature resistance:- 198°C bis + 430° C
Friction coefficient:0.15 with low load
0.03 with high load
Thermosetting:+ 160° C
Pretreatment:Phosphating or fine burnishing

Areas of application


In mechanical engineering as a substitute for oil and grease lubrication, with high loads and low sliding speeds, with oscillating or intermittent movements. Increases the effectiveness of dynamic friction.