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The Proco – PA 11 process is particularly suitable for corrosion-proof coating of small and complicated work pieces. The high layer thicknesses provide maximum protection against chemical and mechanical loads and are warm to the touch (e.g. sports equipment, door handles) in addition to an excellent appearance. Resistance against alkalis, saline solutions greases, oils and solvents is good and usually sufficient for chlorinated hydrocarbons, oxidising agents and diluted acids.
Types which are physiologically stable and authorised for contact with food are available.

Processing of PA 12 (VESTOSINT®) at customer’s request.

Typical features

of PA 11 RILSAN®

Smooth surface
Good sliding properties
High elasticity
High corrosion protection
High insulation index
High wear resistance


of PA 11 RILSAN®

Characteristic: thermoplast
Colour shade:as required
Layer thickness:250 – 500 μm
Permissible heat load, dry:+100° C (temporarily 140°C)
Permissible cold load:– 55° C
Specific weight:1.04 g/cm3
Shore hardness:D 75
Melting point:185° C
Impact resistance:10 – 40 kV/mm (depending on colour)
Heat conductivity:0.25 kcal/m h° C
Water absorption:0,5 – 1 %
Pre-treatment:sandblasting against corrosion Sa 3
(DIN EN ISO 12944-4)

Areas of application

of PA 11 RILSAN®

Springs, pump housings, gear housings, washing and dishwashing machines, vehicle construction (cardan shafts), coating pans, dispensing systems, tools, handwheels, fixtures and fittings, filter plates, slurry treatment and waste water systems, wire and mesh industry, pressed parts, sports equipment, indoor/outdoor pipelines, tanks, rotary valves.