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Based on Perfluoralkoxy (PFA) Proco–PFA 7000 is a coating system with excellent non-stick properties and excellent corrosion protection properties at the same time.
Proco–PFA 7000 convinces with its very high temperature resistance up to 260°C.

Typical features

of PROCO–PFA 7000

excellent non-stick properties
Low coefficient of friction
Highest use temperature
Excellent chemical resistance


of PROCO–PFA 7000

Colour:black sparkling
Thickness:40 –200 μm
Approvals for food contact:appropriate non-destructive using:
The components of the material
- meets the BfR-recommendation LI,
section 2.1
- meets the EC list: Regulation N° 10/2011
and EC-Regulation N° 1935/2004
- are FDA compliant (Codes of Federal
Regulations, Title 21, including Section
177.1550 and Section 175.300)
Userelated restrictions are possible.
The information is believed to be accurate.
It does not release the user from his own
project-based verification.
Pre-treatmentanti-corrosive sandblasting
(DIN EN ISO 12944-4)

Areas of application

of PROCO–PFA 7000

packaging industry:
forces, heating plates, sealing tools, knifes, draw dies, rails, guide strips.
textile industry:
slide rollers, dye pans, drying cylinders.
plastic and industry:
welded sleeves, calendars, mouldings, heated flat plate.
paper industry:
drying cylinders, guide rolls, paint troughs.
food industry:
rolls, baking moulds, sheet metals, mixers, feed hoppers, conveyors.
chemical and pharmaceutical industry:
portioning and feeding tools, conveyance chutes, agitators, valves, containers, sheet metals, mouldings, mixers.
mechanical engineering:
screws, bolts, fans, rotors, reactors