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Proco – PFA 9000 is characterised by its excellent chemical and temperature resistance (up to 260°C). Together with a coating thickness of up to 1000 μm, it also complies with the requirements for mechanical strength and wear resistance.
The coating system consists of a primer and multiple middle and top layers which are applied at 400°C.

Typical features

of PROCO-PFA 9000

Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
Highest temperature resistance
Good abrasion resistance
Low friction coefficient
Excellent anti-adhesive properties


of PROCO–PFA 9000

Coating thickness:up to 1000 μm
Max. operating temperature:continuous: 260° C
interval: 290° C
Shore D hardness:60
Melting point:302 - 310° C
Dielectric strength:up to 58 kV/mm
Approvals:FDA Par. 177 – 1550 (perfluorocarbon resins)
Pretreatment:anticorrosion blasting Sa 3
(DIN EN ISO 12944-4)

For the planning and production of structures which are to be coated, the guidelines of DIN EN 14879-1 are applicable.

Areas of application

of PROCO–PFA 9000

Chemical/pharmaceutical industry:
agitators, containers, forms, mixers, laboratory equipment, ultrapure water plants
General mechanical engineering:
protection tubes, level indicators, components for the semiconductor industry, pipes, coating hooks, ventilators, rotors, rollers, vats, slide bars, centrifuges